Mount Torrens Soldiers' Memorial Hall Incorporated


Did you know you can apply to become a member of the Mount Torrens Soldiers' Memorial Hall Incorporated?

Membership fees are just $5 per year.

Benefits of membership include:

The objects of the Association 

as per original Constitution 1945

a. To provide a Memorial in memory of the residents of the township and district of Mount Torrens who enlisted for, and who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great Wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, and to provide an opportunity and means of entertainment, amusements, public meetings, educational and other exhibitions, physical recreation, and to promote and encourage all such ends and purposes.

b. To acquire: From the Trustees of the Mount Torrens Soldiers' Memorial Institute Hall, an estate in fee simple in the whole of the land comprises in Certificate Title Register Book Volume 1235, Folio 112.

c. To acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, or otherwise any other land and hereditaments for the purposes hereafter set forth.

d. To hold the said land and hereditaments and to use and employ the same as a Memorial Hall and for entertainments, amusements, public meetings, education and other physical recreation, and incidental thereto and for the purpose of the management and maintenance of such land and hereditaments, and to preserve the same upon trust for general benefit of the residents of the township of Mount Torrens and District.

e. To layout and improve the said lands and premises and hereditaments, erect fences, buildings and other improvements, and to plant trees, shrubs, and flowers thereon, and to do all things necessary to maintain and care for the same.

f. To raise money by subscription, entrance fee, licenses, permits and otherwise for the purposes aforesaid.

Committee of Management

The 2023-24 Committee of Management 

of the Mount Torrens Soldiers' Memorial Hall Incorporated are:

Chairperson: M.Kowald

Secretary: K.Wilhelm

Treasurer: C.Hunt

Committee Members: B.Kowald, K.Bennett, P.Wilhelm, D.Pauley, D.Bartsch, K.Kowald, M.Green, J.Erwin, P.Powell

Life Members

In recognition of their outstanding service

2023 Kevin and Betty Kowald

In recognition of their many years of dedicated service.

2022 Mrs Bernice Kowald

Pre September 1962 Elected Caretaker of the hall and also responsible for Hall Bookings

1963 Elected Member of the Committee of Management

2001 Retires from Official Duties

1982 Mr R.B. Hicks

1935 Elected to the Committee

1938 Elected to Chairman of the Committee

1945 Elected Chairman on the Committee on Incorporation until 1965, when he became Secretary (taking over this role from his Sister Mrs Grace Klose who retired in 1965 having served 20 years in the role)

August 1945 

Members of the retiring Trust were made life members

Mr Bruno Hammer

Mr. T.J. Hannam

Mr. W.W. Sumner

Mr. E.P. Mullins

Mr. E.T. Sumner

Mr. O.B Kerber 

along with the retiring Secretary 

Mr. T.L. Hammer


The Mount Torrens Soldiers' Memorial Hall Committee and the 

Mount Torrens Community Gratefully Appreciate

Dorothy (Dot) Maloney for Outstanding Generosity

Kym Clark for Dedicated Service and Outstanding Generosity